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Q & A with Dennis from Dennis Has A Podcast

When did I start podcasting?

I started podcasting in January 2012, so I just celebrated my two year anniversary!

Why did I start podcasting?

I was around six months removed from getting my master’s degree and getting work was going slower than I would have like. Since I was a kid, I had always been tuned into sports talk radio. I never really pursued my love of radio because I wanted to go for the “real” career.

With the extra time on my hands, I decided I wanted to do a podcast.

I love talking with my friends and getting to know new people, and that was kind of the genesis of the show. At first I had my friends on to talk sports and TV and movies and all that good stuff.

Then, I had my friends who are performers on: comedians, musicians, actors, radio personalities. Then, I started branching out to people I didn’t know who had a fun story or who I was a fan of and wanted to get to know more about.

More than two years later, my show is always evolving, but I am proud to continue to be producing engaging conversations.

What is your show about?

The reason I call my show Dennis Has A Podcast is because I have a lot of different interests.

I love sports, but I didn’t want to a show only about sports. I love music and TV and pro wrestling and musicals, but I didn’t want to do a show where I was pigeon-holed into one subject area.

With DHAP, I have the ability to highlight amazing talent mostly in New York City, but also around the country. I have talked with musicians, lots of funny comedians, actors, athletes, and many more people who have a story to tell.

We also have sports personalities talk local and national sports stories. I also have done plenty of episodes with my talented radio friend Emily as kind of a topical banter show.

On Dennis Has A Podcast, I try to bring you something a little different every episode, but I do my best to give my audience a fun conversation every episode. There’s something for everyone!

What is your podcasting set-up?

I do most of my podcasts via Skype. I record via MS Skype Recorder and edit with a program called Propaganda, which I love.

I record my solo intro via Audacity.

For the few episodes I’ve done in person, I use my trusty Blue Snowball. With more funds, I cannot wait to get a mixer and some XLR mics, but for now, the Snowball does the job. It’s simple, but effective.

How have you promoted your podcast?

Twitter has been my biggest tool in promoting the show. I was on Twitter before I started the show, but I interact with people on Twitter daily talking about everything.

I also live Tweet sports, wrestling, awards shows, TV, etc. By being in the conscious of my friends and listeners, and by building a reputation of being a fun, honest, good guy, it has done wonders for the show.

Exposure is slowly building, and I continue to work my head off trying to get to that next level. Or at least figure out what that next level is.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I have been talking about this a lot recently with the 2-year anniversary and a lot of people coming up to me for advice for their own shows.

The biggest piece of advice I’d go back and tell myself, and I am fortunate that I made it through on my own with help from friends, is to know that it’s not going to all happen over night.

The dream guests, the thousands of listeners… you build to that. The first few months of my show weren’t great. But, episode to episode, week to week, the show got better and better.

I, as a host, got more and more comfortable and confident. I have seen too many talented people start shows and not get to episode 5… episode 10… hell, episode 2! There’s a ton of work that goes into it. And I am glad I got through the dry and tough periods.

There is always room to listen to great conversations with a good guy. Why not subscribe to Dennis Has A Podcast for some insight and fun times?

You can connect with Dennis via Twitter and Facebook!

If you’ve always wanted to be on radio, why not give podcasting a go? We’d love to help you out!

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