Soapy, The Avenger(s)

There is a lot…um…A LOT of talk in the internet (and the world) about Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War.”

The Libsyn Team has been having fun in supporting Soapy in expressing his love for the movie (and the Avengers in general) with featuring all his cosplay on the Libsyn Dashboard 😬

Since Soapy has been working hard at this and we’ve had requests from the community to see him in all his glory, we put this little blog together so you can see all his outfits 😅

Dr. Strange

Soapy: Dr. Strange

Captain America

Soapy: Captain America

Black Panther

Soapy: Black Panther

Guardians of the Galaxy

Soapy: Guardians of The Galaxy

Iron Man

Soapy: Iron Man


Soapy: Thor


Soapy: Spiderman

War Machine

Soapy: War Machine

Remember! Always keep an eye on the dashboard to see Soapy’s cosplay! You never know what he’ll be wearing!


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