The iTunes Mini Player No Longer Plays Enhanced Podcasts



In the latest version of iTunes 11.0.4 (4) enhanced podcasts no longer play the way that they used to

With an enhanced podcast, the podcaster is able to set chapter markers and individual images that go along with those markers. In iTunes, when playing these enhanced podcasts you were able to see the images change as each new chapter played.

regular-player-images-changingThis is no longer the case for the mini-player in iTunes.

If listeners are using the iTunes mini player to listen to an enhanced podcast, now they have to command-click/right click on the small image in iTunes to bring up the full sized player in order to see the images change for each chapter.

There also used to be a player on the lower left of iTunes as well that would show the image changes, but that was removed with the latest major update.

Since the last major iTunes update, in order to see the images change in an enhanced podcast, listeners must command + click/right click on the image at the top to open the big player – not the mini player.

Perhaps this is a bug and Apple will bring the feature back in the future.

So much time and energy goes into creating enhanced podcasts, and now your listeners using iTunes don’t get a chance to enjoy the perks of your work.

Now is the time to start to guide them to consume your podcast via the Apple Podcasts App! The app still supports images and chapter markers 🙂


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