What’s New – Libsyn Platform 4.23

Added! Headliner Integration is here!

Updated! Crushing Bugs 🦟🐛🐜

This release includes some bug squashing and minor backend updates.

Added! Headliner Integration is here!

You asked (a lot), and we listened. Headliner integration is here!

Headliner is an awesome web app that allows you to import your media into their system and generate nifty video clips that can include all kinds of features such as wave forms, text, colors, and even transcription. You can then download the video to use as you wish, or have them send it off to places like Facebook for you.

This new integration will appear as a widget right on your dashboard so you’ll see it when you log in. Pick the episode you want to send and off to Headliner you go to finish out your clip!

Side Note: Currently, this integration only supports MP3 and M4A files.

What more details? Check out our host of tutorials found here.

Updated! Working with 301 Redirects in Libsyn

We have completely updated our 301 redirect solutions in ways both that can be seen, and in the back end.

Setting Up a 301 Redirect

Historically, redirects have been configured on a per feed basis under Destinations. This has gotten to be quite cumbersome so we’ve moved it!
updated our 301 redirect solutions for podcasts
Redirects can now be added under Settings —> Redirects. Add your 301 redirect in your RSS feed to the Feed Redirect URL text box (be sure to include http:// or https://).

This will redirect all Libsyn generated RSS feeds to your third party feed automatically. Those redirects will remain in place even after you close your show.

Redirecting the Podcast Page

With this release, we are also adding the new functionality of redirecting your Podcast Page URL to a third party website. Similar to redirecting your RSS feed, simply enter the new URL you want to send traffic to and save your settings. This will configure a 301 redirect on your Podcast Page URL.

Check out our new tutorial on 301 redirects for additional details here.

Added! RadioPublic Button for the Podcast Page & HTML5 Media Player

If you have submitted your show to the RadioPublic podcast directory using Libsyn, the button for RadioPublic will now appear for you on the Podcast Page and in the HTML5 Media Player automatically. RadioPublic will now appear for you on the Podcast Page and in the HTML5 Media Player automatically.

Added! Deezer Button for the Podcast Page & HTML5 Player

We’ve also added a Deezer button for the Podcast Page and HTML5 Player. If you have submitted to Deezer using Libsyn, this will populate automatically for you!

Updated! Added Brisbane to the Time Zone Options

By user request, we have added Brisbane to our time zone list. Note, time zones set in your account settings only affect publishing. They do not affect billing, storage rotation, or stats.
By user request, we have added Brisbane to our time zone list
For more details on time zone and other account settings, check out our account settings tutorial found here!

Updated! Support for Migrating Google Play Music Feeds Over to Google Podcasts

As the industry has been discussing for some time, Google Play Music is slowly moving its podcast catalog over to Google Podcasts. For this reason, this update will set all Google Play Music feeds generated by Libsyn to be redirected to your standard RSS feed that Google Podcasts uses.

Also note that new Google Play Music destinations in Libsyn will not be able to be created going forward.

These small changes should help mitigate any issues with possible duplicate submissions as shows are moved in.

What do you need to do? Nothing! Libsyn is handling the redirect for you automatically and if you have followed our recommendations here, you are likely already listed in Google Podcasts (if you aren’t sure if you are listed, you can find out here).

As this shift continues to occur, we recommend letting your audience know how to find you in Google Podcasts, rather than promoting Google Play Music moving forward.

That’s a lot in one little update! If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly support staff at [email protected].

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