What’s The Story Behind Your Podcast?

I was flipping through the blogs I like to follow about social media and noticed a bunch of posts about the idea of story – your story, the story behind your business or your blog.  A few careers ago I worked on political campaigns.  I was new to campaigns and was sent off to a campaign training in atlanta.  I arrived at a conference center and we spent the entire first day telling and refining our stories of how we got involved in the campaign.  A big part of campaigning is connecting with people around a cause or an issue.  The best way to connect – storytelling.

Telling your story can be a powerful way to engage your audience – whether it be a campaign, business or podcast.  In fact, this blog is way for us to share the Libsyn story – our story, podcasting news and news about our customers too.  Last month, Dave Chekan wrote a great post about how Libsyn was founded which you can read here.

What is the story behind your podcast?  Do you have an about page for your show?  Share your story below or a link to your about page.

Looking for some help in writing your story – check out some of these blogs post:


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