009 Libsyn’s Lead Developer, User Requests and The Sad GarageBand Update

the latest update to garageband sucks for podcasters

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro
  • First Things Podcast promo
  • On the Libsyn blog
  • Big Picture Science Promo
  • About Holiday Podcasts
  • Australian Podcasters
  • JB Lopez feedback
  • Airspeaker promo
  • Rob, Greg and Elsie conversation
    • The Apple event + The State of Podcasting
    • Libsyn4 Talk with Greg
    • Greg answers questions from our Facebook Page
    • Feedback including Powerpress Question with special guest Dave Jackson
    • NMX Conversation! We’re going!

Featured Podcast Promos + Audio

Newest Articles on the Libsyn Blog and Podcasting Links

Podcasting Articles and Links mentioned by Rob and Elsie

Questions for Greg via Social Media

  • Paul A Lathrop Would love to have a way to publish with a link to a file in Dropbox or Google Drive. I could post from my tablet from time to time if that were an option.
  • Aaron Mikel Barney Will there be better embed codes for facebook and Twitter and can we view analytics on a separate app.
  • Recovered Podcast How do I send push notifications with my stand alone app?
  • Kevin Bachelder Can we publish from the Libsyn website when using an iOS device yet?

Weird feed issues in iTunes (November 2013)

Interesting little bug going on with iTunes right now – when submitting a new show – sometimes in the review screen it is showing the wrong iTunes subcategory.

For example one show that had the issue had the main category in their feed as Health and the sub category of Fitness and Nutrition – and when they submitted to iTunes – iTunes showed their show in the Health category with the sub-category of Sexuality.

Obviously that producer was a little concerned on that. So make sure when submitting a new show – you check to see what iTunes is showing for the sub-category for the show before you accept.

Apple is aware of this issue and is looking into it. But in the mean time check your shows carefully before submitting.

Apple Event (Mavericks, GarageBand, Podcasts App updates)

Garageband latest version requires Mavericks – and no longer has the podcast track. So enhanced podcasters – No soup for you. Best to not upgrade Garageband if you want to keep doing enhanced podcasts.

Podcasts App brings back Lyrics tag support – so if you put in your show notes in the ID3 tags – they will now show again in the Podcasts App – well actually for the first time for the podcasts app – but they used to show when podcasts were part of the music app.

New trick to re-direct libsyn pages to another libsyn page

Here’s the code:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV=”REFRESH” content=”0; url=http://thefeed.libsyn.com/podcast“>

There are some people that don’t want the libsyn blog page – one thing you can do is put in some quick code to get it to redirect that page where ever you want to send it.

In your libsyn account go to – Destinations – then select your webpage – and then replace all the code for your webpage with the following:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV=”REFRESH” content=”0; url=http://thefeed.libsyn.com/podcast“>

Libsyn + NMX

FOR NMX – Half our booth space is your booth space – assuming you in the your is a libsyn customer. If you are going to the show – bring your business cards or 4 x 6 post cards about your show and drop them by the booth for others to see.

If you are not going – you can snail mail them to me and I will bring them out with me. 4x 6 or smaller and if you are going to NMX – don’t mail them to Rob.

If you have a small poster for your show we can hang that up at the booth as well. Just send one of those and a few bobby pins. If you want to schedule a little meet up at our booth or record from there – great – we want you to come by. Let us know and we will set up some time for you at the booth.

Welcome a new podcaster to Libsyn family

And that is the NBA and their Podcast – The Starters. And of course the new NBA season kicked off this week – so it is great to see an official NBA podcast out there to start with an even better that they choose Libsyn as their host. So yes we have the Official Podcasts for Both the NFL and now the NBA.

You can find The Starters in iTunes.


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