106 When Google Acquires A Podcast App

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :11
  • Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: Thrashbacks, Diablo Valley Show2:10
  • How to get your voice on the show and promote yourself 5:50
  • Elsie and Rob Conversation 7:00
    • Why Rob is in the doghouse
    • Feed validators are not doing to well
    • When Google acquires a podcast app
    • What’s up with the random spikes and how can I make it happen again?
    • How far back should you go back to update your podcast episodes with the new Apple Podcasts tags?
    • A tip about making sure your podcasts are in the right order on Apple Podcasts when you publish them using the new feed tags
    • Some advice about how to number your shows when you don’t need a number
    • Long term data on daily downloads?
    • Linked in is not doing so good showing the latest podcast episode
    • PROMO: Classic Movie Reviews with Snark 33:36
    • A podcast isn’t behaving re: copyright infringement – who’s job is it to make them behave?
    • Removing the podcast page destination from your Libsyn account
    • The Elsie level of snark and the Rob level of snark when requests to be on the show come through
    • The popularity tags on Apple Podcasts are meaningless!!!
    • Making sure your podcast is available to Android users
    • What exactly counts as a download
    • There are only 4 results when searching for a podcast in Apple Podcasts!
    • More problems with Feedburner and your show not reflecting the new Apple Podcasts new feed tags
    • Podcasts App tip: how to manually subscribe to a podcasts RSS feed
    • Feedback about the new stats adjustment
    • PROMO: Girlfriends Happy Hour 1:04:54
    • It’s stats time!

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