105 Stats Follow Up and Apple Podcasts Feed Tags

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :11
  • Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: In Her Voice 2:30
  • How to get your voice on the show and promote yourself 5:50
  • PROMO 1: Economics Detective Radio 7:30
  • Rob & Elsie Conversation 8:00
    • Happy International Podcast Day and what we’re doing
    • We got over 40 pieces of email about something that we reported on last episode, and it’s NOT about stats 😳
    • Feedback about switching accounts in Podcasts Connect
    • Apple doesn’t want you to use the term iTunes, they want you to use the term Apple Podcasts
    • Some interesting information about iBooks that has relevance to your new podcast to launch in 2018
    • PROMO 2: The Blacklist Exposed 19:00
    • You can only see the new feed tags if you’re using iOS 11
    • There is a bug in iOS 11, at this time September 30, 2017, that isn’t showing podcast episode numbers for podcasts that are episodic, only for those that have been marked seasonal
    • Numbering questions of your episodes!
    • The difference between adding something to your Apple Podcasts library vs downloading it
    • More discussion about podcast numbers
    • A search engine for your podcasts! Listen Notes!
    • Opinion is gone
    • Ringr now supports conference calling
    • We share where we got our super awesome #podcaster t-shirts for Podcast Movement
    • A podcast listener study
    • PROMO 3: B Squad HotRod 51:46
    • Addressing questions and clarification about the stats changes
    • Median and mean numbers from mid August until the end of September

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