213 Troubleshoot Your RSS Feed And #ClaimPodParity

Libsyn acquires PAR, Rob talks about his missing soapbox, does Apple Podcasts show hyperlinks on the web? A new newsletter for indie podcasters, the #ClaimPodParity campaign, more on HBO Max podcasts, troubleshooting when your episode isn’t showing up Apple Podcasts, and of course stats, mean and median plus so much more!


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Quick Episode Summary

  • :13 Intro
  • 2:34 PROMO 1: My Name Is Sheba
  • 3:13 Rob and Elsie conversation
  • More acquisitions news! We acquired PAR
  • 6:00 Rob explains his art piece on censorship
  • 9:58 Nope, links to do not show on DESKTOP
  • 13:56 Audio feedback: the new indie focused newsletter! Podawan
  • “How do podcast hosts never run out of things to say”
  • The host read ad is not going away
  • 21:31 Promo 2: Video Fuzzy Episode 80
  • Send in your promo for your episodes
  • 22:46 The #ClaimPodParity campaign!
  • Looks like Twitter is adding podcasts? Maybe?
  • HBO Max is adding so many podcasts on their apps
  • 39:28 Ad insertion tip for folks!
  • If there’s anything about podcasting on the March 8 event, we will cover it in a future episode
  • 42:25 Interview segment with Ari Saperstein from Blind Landing
  • What are the most posted questions in the Apple Podcasts forums
  • 49:28 Best practices for when your show is not showing up on Apple Podcasts!
  • Setting up expectations with your sponsors or partners as to when your podcast will show up live on Apple Podcasts
  • 1:02:34 Promo 3: Your Brain On Facts
  • 1:03:03 Stats! Mean and Median!
  • Where have we been?

Featured Podcast Promo + Audio

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

Podcasting Articles and Links mentioned by Rob and Elsie


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