A Mother’s Day Podcast and Music Playlist From A Podcast Lover

Podcasting is embedded in my everyday life.

It’s a part of most of my days, not only for a way to be entertained, but most importantly as a way to continue to stimulate my ever desirous brain (I was Sherlock Holmes in a past-life.) I have also found it to be the most effective way to acquire as much information and as many POVs and analysis as possible with limited time.

I crafted this little “everyday podcasting” playlist as a celebration of Mother’s Day because, for me, the best way that I could celebrate would be to be able to listen to podcasts uninterrupted for the whole day.

I might be an outlier.




And obsessed with knowledge, stories and conversations.

This may not be you, but it is Mother’s Day, and I’m a mother and thus, I am indulging!

On to the playlist!

The context of the list: a very average day of listening. Everything on the list (including the music) is something you might find me listening to 99.9% of the time.

I subscribe and listen to so many other podcasts that I love, but I decided to share the ones that as of this time, May 2020, are getting more play.

You can subscribe to this playlist here for access to everything!

A Post Modern Life – Funkservice International -Morning has always been a special time for me. I’m a naturally optimistic person and this song helps me tap into goodness. The world is not what it was, and there is deep heaviness. There are times when a joyful song can help. This one helps.

Sanjay Gupta podcast– And on to coronovirus updates! This show is my morning ritual. I listen as I make my coffee. The topics are relevant, human, based on science and very informative. Bonus: SHORT!

Ranchera Medley – Flor De Toloache – In another life I would have been a Mariachi singer. My heart fills every time I listen to Flor De Toloache. I discovered them around 18 months ago, and if I ever need a bit of fire in my heart, they are the spark.

Marketplace Tech – Tech is my thing. Molly Wood is my fave. This show makes me think and entertains me in a very short time.

Bees + Things + Flowers – Incognito – It’s springtime in the Northern Hemisphere and the loveliness of the outside is captured in this song. Sometimes right around lunch time I need a pick me up. This is it.

Wow in the World– My girls also love listening to podcasts. They particularly love it while they have lunch and breakfast and this is their favorite show.

Como Ves – Ozomatli – I discovered this band decades ago when I lived in L.A while performing for East L.A. Classic Theater. This entire album is essential listening.

Fare for the Free Child – With podcasting you can find a show that exactly aligns with whatever beliefs and values you have. I was lucky to stumble onto this one.

Equator – Cordovan – Afternoon pick-me up time! It’s like a cup of coffee. A walk outside, walking to the beat to get a bit of blood moving. A long enough song that gets you up and moving after sitting and possibly being on the computer than longer than needed.

Relay.fm (Rocket) – I’ve been listening to this show since it began years ago. Intelligent, thoughtful analysis on all things tech. It’s a necessity of my week. And full of personality.

Dirty Computer – I can never get this song out of my head.

SVU behind the scenes – Since my mid–20s Law and Order: SVU has been part of my life. And this podcast is way for me to let-go at the end of the day. It’s my time to listen just for fun. And I love to get to know all of the behind the scenes!

Ma Durga – Krishna Das (Breath of the Heart) – End of day, when we get to lay the foundation for the next one. This sacred song settles deep in my heart as I unwind and move forward to what’s next.

Podcast listening is like anything else in your life, it ebbs and flows. It is full of what you need it to be at any given time. Podcasts will come and go, stay and be easily forgotten, but they will in some way make an imprint on your life.

I hope you find yours.

And I hope you enjoy this playlist! If you create one, share yours with me! Tag @libsyn or @TheElsieEscobar on Twitter!

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