Big Podcast Data From Todd Cochrane From 4400 Shows

podcast data from the state of podcasting by todd cochrane

Todd Cochrane and his Podcast Awards gave out some pretty interesting data in his Podcast Union Address.

Here are some numbers that he mentioned taken from 4400 shows

7% Had non branded sites
93% Had branded podcast sites. Yeay!
37% Made folks dig for a podcast. Where is it?
44% no play or download the show
22% of video podcast did not have a video embed (and some were still using flash)
80% of video podcasters where only using YouTube but had no way to subscribe via a feed.
27% had invalid RSS feeds
21% had an RSS icon on the site
23% had an RSS buried in their site
56% did not have an RSS feed anywhere on the site
83% did have an iTunes link
23% had a Stitcher
31% Still have a Feedburner image
30% had an email
12% had a newsletter opt-in
15% had a call in number for the show
95% of sites had their own .com
92% were using WordPress
82% had less than 1 paragraph of show notes
71% audio only
15% video only
32% audio/video + blog posts
29% Audio + video + blog posts
26% mobile phone ready


Weekly shows grow 69% faster
Audio, video and blogging shows grow at a 42% higher rate

How about that?

What do you guys think about this data?

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