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You don’t NEED a computer to podcast anymore

All you podcasters asked for this one!

Krystal went above and beyond to walk you through step by step on everything that you need to produce, edit and publish a podcast episode using only an iOS device.

Expect to see the hardware that she uses as well as a focused walkthrough on the three top podcasting and recording apps for iOS.

Let us know what you think OR if you have any questions!

A step by step mini-tutorial on how to podcast using only an iPad or iPhone

  • 2:49 Update to the image of specifications in iTunes! Krystal walks through the exact specifications.
  • 4:30 The details of why your podcast may not be updating in iTunes. HINT: it might be do to your images.
  • 5:40 Walkthrough of EXACTLY what images in your episode need to meet the latest iTunes specifications on your libsyn blog AND workaround.
  • 8:12 Workaround for updating all of your episodes images in your RSS on Libsyn.
  • 13:00 What hardware do you need to podcast 100% from an iPad or iPhone.
  • 18:22 Walkthrough of connecting an Audio Technica 2100 microphone into the iPad.
  • 21:00 The favorite iOS apps to record your podcast starting with Twisted Wave
  • 28:03 A walkthrough of podcasting iOS app Auphonic
  • 46:20 A walkthrough of podcasting app Bossjock
  • 1:01:54 If you’re using iOS how do you do a Skype interview?
  • 1:02:31 The Recap
  • 1:04:30 Question about how to upload your audio file to WordPress
  • 1:06:42 A question about issues with different destinations going live at different times
  • 1:08:34 A question about whether or not you need have separate accounts if you want an audio and video podcast.

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