Libsyn Live Event 007 Getting Started with Libsyn And Submitting Your Podcast Into iTunes


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We get questions about how to get started with Libsyn all the time.

Krystal and I decided to address the MAIN questions that we get, multiple times a day. No joke.

If you’re just getting started, you REALLY need to watch this.

Here are the main questions that we address:

  1. Why use libsyn?
  2. What libsyn account should I get?
  3. What’s the deal with the storage?
  4. How do I fill out my show settings?
  5. How do I fill out the info to submit to iTunes?
  6. What do I do if you have troubles submitting your podcast into iTunes????

Krystal does a fantastic job walking you step by step through the interface including submitting a podcasting into iTunes.

This is a must watch if you are just getting started.

Getting A Libsyn Account And Submitting into iTunes Step by Step

***NOTE: all time codes are for the video

  • 2:20 Intros with Krystal and who is libsyn
  • 2:45 Who is Libsyn and why you need a podcast host
  • 4:45 Welcome to the Libsyn Dashboard
  • 5:29 How do you pick an account level for Libsyn
  • 6:09 How much space will you require per month? And a breakdown of how to figure out what you need for your podcast.
  • 8:07 Other considerations for what account to pick – do you want an app? Do you want to monetize?
  • 9:07 Last major consideration for what account: Stats
  • 10:55 Explanation of how our revolving storage works
  • 12:55 Where are Libsyn’s servers located? Explanation of where our CDNs are located
  • 13:45 With a $5 or $15 account, can I have one account or do I need to have multiple accounts?
  • 16:30 A walkthrough of getting a new account from the start-up page
  • 17:17 A show slug is very important: what is it?
  • 18:15 Why we don’t recommend changing your show slug.
  • 20:50 Breakdown of your show/account settings in the Libsyn Dashboard
  • 22:43 Artwork requirements to keep in mind!
  • 24:19 Destinations: Configuring your RSS feed aka editing your RSS feed in the Libsyn Dashboard – Exactly what shows up in iTunes
  • 27:35 Publishing and episode and suggested requirements
  • 29:20 A walkthrough of how to publish and episode in iTunes
  • 32:25 What if you have an episode that is explicit, how do you configure that for your podcast
  • 34:40 RSS feeds are not meant to be read in web browsers.
  • 36:20 Subscribe to your podcast before you submit it to iTunes – here’s how to do it.
  • 38:12 Checking if your feed is valid
  • 39:20 If you can can’t get to here’s an alternative.
  • 41:15 Question: Why do people use an RSS feed button on their website?
  • 43:05 How to submit your podcast into iTunes – a walkthrough
  • 45:30 We are still working on a WP plug-in – as soon as details are allowed to be shared they will be
  • 47:05 Problems with submitting your feed into iTunes – Too slow OR you get that dreaded message…
  • 47:55 “Your are hosted on a server that doesn’t support byte range requests. Enable byte range requests and try your submission again” – you get this error if your RSS isn’t fully configured OR iTunes is having trouble accepting submissions
  • 50:23 Once your show is accepted it may not show ALL your episode – totally NORMAL.

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