Libsyn Live Event 006 Walkthrough Of The New Standalone Podcast Apps From Libsyn


We get asked a lot what exactly our standalone apps look like. We finally have an easy way for you to find out!

Krystal and I take you step by step through our standalone iOS apps. We show you what the app looks like on the iPad as well as on the iPhone.

We also give you the scoop on how to start to get ready to get your standalone app, so when it’s time to pull the trigger you’ve got all your ducks in a row! – like Apple developer accounts as well as creating your own images.

Go on now. Check out the cool apps that could be yours!

The nice little walkthrough of the standalone iOS podcast app

***NOTE: Time-codes correspond with the video

  • :36 Intro
  • 2:12 What is a standalone iOS app for your podcast – from Libsyn
  • 4:20 Why would you want to have an iOS app for your show
  • 6:33 What are the pieces that you need to have together BEFORE you get your own standalone app? What you need to start thinking about now
  • 8:00 Signing up for your own developer accounts
  • 11:45 Your own special artwork, and what are the exact sizes that you need
  • 13:30 Gimp walkthrough for creating your images for the standalone apps
  • 19:38 Photoshop quick walkthrough
  • 23:49 The app artwork specifications for your intake!
  • 29:52 The things to consider regarding your app artwork aka what will get your app rejected in iTunes!
  • 32:09 What happens if your app is rejected because of your artwork
  • 33:20 Breakdown of how you can use bonus content to offer more value to your listeners
  • 37:00 Walkthrough of the stand alone podcast app for the iPad
  • 47:22 Signing in to premium content off of the stand alone podcast app
  • 49:13 Walthrough of the iPhone standalone app
  • 52:32 Adding content to the app only! Walkthrough with Krystal!
  • 1:00:24 Q&A from our listeners!

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