R.I.P. Enhanced Podcasts in GarageBand and Updates to Podcasts App


GarageBand Update

Let’s start off with the latest update to GarageBand released by Apple at yesterday’s Apple event.

The biggest change those that have downloaded Mavericks and the newest version of GarageBand have noticed is that the podcast track has been removed.

You can still record and continue to edit your podcast as usual, minus the ability to add any of the awesome podcast vocal effects, but those of you that have been publishing ENHANCED podcasts are out of luck.

The ability to edit enhanced podcasts in GarageBand is no more. Here is more information via MacWorld.

What the company has taken are the tools podcasters depended on. While you can record audio tracks that might be included in a podcast, the dedicated Podcast track, podcast vocal effects, and chapter and embedded links features used in enhanced podcasts are gone.

Also, check out this thread in the Apple boards.

For those that have been publishing enhanced podcasts from the beginning are not surprised. Apple’s Podcasts App had been having problems with enhanced podcasts and iTunes removed the ability to easily see chapter markers in the last update.

This was just the icing on the death cake.

As of this writing, I have not updated to Mavericks and therefore cannot download the latest version of GarageBand. I want to make sure that all the other audio editing software that I use is supported before I take that leap!

Once I do….

I will report back 🙂

Updates to the Apple Podcasts App 2.0

Here are the latest feature updates via Mac OS Ken 10/23/13:

  • Background downloading
  • A new featured tab
  • A search tool for the podcasts store
  • A revamped top-charts section
  • Accessing episode notes from the now playing pane

So who out there is going to be affected by the lack of enhanced podcasts? How about the cool podcasting effects?

I know I’m bummed about that. I had come to rely on the Female Radio Noisy effects.. 🙁

Let us know! We know you are out there…we can see your files!

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