The Boston Marathon Bombings Covered As Only A Podcast Could

behind the scenes coverage of the boston marathon bombings by a podcaster and those who ran the race

Since the tragic events in Boston this week I’ve thought of how we at Libsyn could in some way honor the victims or at minimum share hope and support for all those affected.

In thinking about a post, it never seemed to be enough.

The event itself seemed SO BIG that writing a post didn’t measure up to the message we wanted to convey.

But alas, we are not in the business of the written word. We are in the business of supporting your voice. You guys, you incredible content creators are the ones that have the passion and drive to express that which can only be conveyed via your voices and your creative expression.

You can cast light on this tragic event by painting a picture that evokes sounds, conversation, emotion and love in a much more complex and multi-layered experience than any of the mainstream media – with your own microphone, computer and editing software.

The Boston Marathon bombings have not been covered in this way.

You reach hearts by tapping into the intimacy of humanity. You give hope.

And so we showcase a podcast episode by one of you.

Episode 303 of Phedippidations- Boston Heartbreak

Download the heart-full and evocative episode

A video introduction to the episode is below

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″][/youtube]

Check out the shownotes.

A deep thank-you to Podcasting Luminary Steve Runner for doing what you do best.

If there are any other podcasters that have podcast episodes that address the Boston Marathon Bombing or the Texas explosion, please share your links in the comments.

Let podcasting voices soar.

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