Revealed: The Facebook Podcast Landing Page (Facebook for Podcasters Part 2)

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is a static page that your visitors arrive on when they come to your Facebook Fan Page, which has a customized message for your listeners that is meant to engage your listeners and potential listeners to choose to be a part of your community by Liking your Page.

Why would you want to have a landing page on your Facebook Podcast Page?

  • Getting the word out about your podcast: Please remember that there are many folks that are interested in your content that have not yet listened to your podcast! Some of your biggest fans would love to share what you are about, and Facebook is the perfect platform. Here is a place where you can share a bit about your podcast.
  • New listeners: Podcast fans are always wanting to share what they love. Creating a landing page with clear and simple information about your podcast is a great way for your fans to share your content. Facebook makes it crazy easy from within Facebook, as well as sharing your Facebook Page URL.
  • An invitation: We all want to be invited. You can design your page to be inviting and welcoming to all who engage with your community.

What Should You Have on Your Landing Page

  • A call to action: Within Facebook, the biggest call to action is for folks to Like your page. However you design your page, whether it be through video, text or graphics make sure that you have a clear call to action telling folks what you want them to do.
  • About your podcast: Offer a succinct and clear description of your podcast. Don’t assume that your current listeners are the only ones that are ending up on your Facebook Page.
  • Expectation For Your Page: What’s going to be happening on your page? Do you plan it to be a place where you share things you don’t anywhere else? Is this where you want to engage with your audience more? Will it be more informational in nature? Offer at least three bullet points detailing what your fans should expect from Liking your page.
  • An Incentive (optional): “Like the cool podcast page and get an extra bonus episode found inside!” We all want a little free incentive 🙂 Those that choose to Like your page are doing just that, choosing to participate in your community in a more engaged manner. Why not offer them something unique as a way to thank them for choosing your community?
  • Introductory Podcast (video or audio also optional): You can very easily add audio or video to your landing page. You can create a special video showcasing your podcast or maybe simply explaining what your podcast is about. You can do the same thing with and audio file adding some quick soundbites of your content into one audio file to delight your existing audience and offer a little insight to potential listeners.

Are Landing Pages for your Podcast essential?

Facebook Page Podcast Landing pages are in no way essential. You can do what you have been doing if it’s working for you. If you want to enhance what you offer with your podcast or want to grow the engagement of your community then go for it!

In Facebook For Podcasters (Part 1) I mention the essential bits of information that MUST be in your Facebook Podcast page. A landing page is not one of them 🙂

As always, remember that the way that you choose to produce, engage and grow your audience is up to you. A Facebook Landing Page is simply another opportunity to enhance what you already have going on 🙂

Here are other ways that are KEY towards a successful podcast.

So what do you think?

You up for creating a Landing Page? Come on back next week for How To Create A Facebook Landing Page For Your Podcast!

Elsie Escobar

Image above is from the The Bunker Project’s Facebook Page

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