Brooke & Mindy | REMelations A Comedy Dream Interpretation Podcast

Best friends and co-hosts Brooke and Mindy read listeners’ dreams and give their fun, light-hearted, un-expert opinion on what those dreams might mean! REMelations is not your ordinary dream interpretation podcast.

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Q & A with Brooke & Mindy from REMelations: A Comedy Dream Interpretation Podcast

When did you start podcasting? 

My co-host Brooke and I started chatting about the idea of starting a podcast on the interpretation of dreams about a year and a half ago. 

We are both Virgos and we like to do our research, so we didn’t want to jump the gun too soon. 

After a year of researching and learning about podcasting (by admittingly listening to a lot of podcasts about podcasts, including The Feed), we finally felt “ready.” We launched our podcast in November 2021.

Why did you start podcasting? 

We are huge True Crime podcast fans. 

However, sometimes real-life creepy stories can begin to bum you out. 

I started searching for an alternative genre of shows to listen to which would lighten up my mood after listening to serial killer shows

I have always been a crazy dreamer my whole life, so I started searching to see if there were any fun podcasts about dreams. Nothing. 

I felt like dreams were an untapped genre that could walk the line between funny and bizarre, scary and nightmare all at the same time. 

I could see the opportunity, so I called my best friend Brooke with the idea. 

Considering Brooke has been the one hearing about my crazy dreams since we met in high school, we were a natural fit to start this journey together. 

What’s the name of your show and what is it about? 

Our podcast is REMelations: A Comedy Dream Interpretation Podcast. 

We read listeners’ dreams and give our fun, light-hearted, un-expert opinion on what they might mean.  

What’s your podcast set up? 

We co-host and record the show remotely using with two Samson-Q2u remotes. 

We edit with Camtasia and host on  Libsyn. Our website hosting is with ShowIt and we publish a WordPress blog

For social media, we use Canva and Headliner.

How have you promoted your podcast? 

We’ve started small: telling our friends and family. 

We have also promoted on our social media channels like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, especially in groups about our topic—dreams.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started? 

Hard to say since we are still just starting. I would say even if we never make it big, I get to spend hours with my best friend every week and that makes it all worthwhile! 

Brooke and Mindy give dream interpretation a comedic twist. Taking their listeners’ dreams and interpreting them in a self titled un-expert opinion. Giving this podcast a lighthearted approach that is needed after watching or listening to something dark and heavy.  Check this show out on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Brooke and Mindy love true crime podcasts but found they needed something to lighten their spirits afterwards. Unable to find what they wanted. They decided to start their own podcast to fill a hole as they saw it. REMelations: A Dream Comedy Interpretation Podcast , where they interpret dreams with a truly unique comedic approach. 

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