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“I wanted to create long-form content focusing on holistic health that would hopefully inspire, entertain, and most of all, help women.”

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Q & A with Stacee from Thrive Sister Thrive

When did you start podcasting? 

We launched on Feb 20th, 2021.

Why did you start podcasting? 

I was an avid podcast listener for several years before I launched my own. 

I think I really just fell in love with the authenticity and intimate nature of podcasts in general. 

So given the combination of … I’ve always been chatty, plus I love the medium itself, plus I wanted to create long-form holistic health content that would hopefully inspire, entertain, and most of all help people; it seemed like the perfect fit for me. 

What’s the name of your show and what is it about? 

The name of my show is Thrive Sister Thrive! It’s a holistic health and wellness podcast for women over 40

As any woman over 40 knows, things start getting interesting — to say the least. 

Our bodies, minds, and souls not only need, but also deserve, more care and support. 

So how are we empowering ourselves to take control of all that so that we can continue (or begin) to be unstoppable in pursuit of the type of life we want to be living? That’s what my show is all about! 

What’s your podcast set up

Oh boy! 

I use a Shure MV7 microphone (which I love) and have that mic on a boom stand so I can take it from place to place easily. 

When I record, I do it in my spare bedroom and use a laptop stand which is also super portable. 

I record directly into Garageband for solo episodes and intros/outros, etc. I used Audacity before that. 

To record interview episodes, I use Riverside fm.

I use Descript to do most of my editing, and I really like that I can combine my audio tracks and the video track into a sequence there and then edit them simultaneously — huge time saver

Then, I run all audio files (except music) through Auphonic for leveling, removal of background noise, etc. 

Lastly, I do the final mix-down in Garageband, and then use the Forecast app to apply the ID3 metadata. I use Canva to create my promotional images. 

How have you promoted your podcast? 

Not nearly enough. I have an Instagram and Facebook account and, of course, my website. And I’m going to start dedicating some time each week to guesting on other people’s podcasts. I’m excited about that! 

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started? 

That it’s ridiculously easy to repeatedly fall into over editing your episodes. 

Editing vs. over-editing is a very fine line, and a very slippery slope, and something that you constantly have to manage. 

Over-editing is not only a huge waste of time, but it often makes a show sound less real and less personable. 

Don’t get me wrong, you definitely want great sounding audio, and probably should edit out some things that aren’t terribly relevant to your point/topic, but removing every filler word or side note or stumble is not necessary at all


Stacee Lynn loves to talk and wanted to create a space where she could both help and entertain women. She achieves just that in her podcast Thrive Sister Thrive, a witty and inspirational podcast for women looking at 40 and past. Listen to it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.



Circumstance sometimes is the catalyst for personal growth. It helps you branch out in ways you never expected. Stacee Lynn took her personal growth ias inspiration to start a podcast that would help a wide audience of women. Do you have personal experiences that might help others? Start your own podcast!

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