The Power of Audio Podcasting

We know the power of audio

Although we host audio and video podcasters, we do have a special place in our hearts for audio.

There is something about an audio podcast that is quite special – and it seems that the good people at CrazyEgg are also sharing a bit of the audio magic via this killer infographic.

Why is audio so powerful?

According to the info graphic below:

  • Audio is eyes free content- so you can keep doing what you are doing you multi-tasker you.
  • Audio is portable- your favorite content can follow you wherever you desire, no matter what you are doing.
  • 200 Million devices are now running iOS6 and are one touch away from accessing podcasts!

Is Audio The Next Big Thing In Digital Marketing? Infographic Infographic brought to you by Crazy Egg Analytics

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

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