067 Distilling The Infinite Dial Data, What Exactly IS Explicit In Your Podcast, And We’re Serious

 What does infinite dial data mean for podcasters

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :11
  • Promo 1: The Best Real Estate Advice Ever 5 2:05
  • On the Libsyn Blog! 2:35
  • Promo 2: The Balanced Living For Busy Professionals Podcast 4:29
  • How to get featured on the show! 4:57
  • Promo 3: The Yogahealer Real Life Show 7:22
  • Rob & Elsie Conversation 7:42
    • We didn’t mean to belittle, that’s no bueno
    • K7.net is going away!
    • So is Pandora gonna get in the podcasting game? 20:35
    • So, how do you get the fancy URL’s in iTunes?
    • Will the standalone podcasts app be available for AppleTV?
    • What’s the best strategy for having an audio and video podcast?
    • A neat resource for moving your podcast to Soundcloud
    • Gene wonders about the explicit tag and what exactly that means
    • Does podcast order matter in iTunes?
    • Re-visiting running a contest in your podcast for iTunes reviews
    • Libsyn was on Fox News via Ralph Sutton from the SDR show!
    • We got some super audio feedback all about podcasters vs PROcasters 45:12
    • We discuss the most unsatisfying things about podcasts…article
    • Finding a co-host is hard!
    • The Why Did You Leave Us Segment 1:05:15
    • Ooooh! Fancy infographic all about the growth of podcasting!
    • Stats time! But we begin with the Infinite Dial numbers from Edison
    • And then we answer what technology people are using to listen to podcasts – crazy stuff

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