Libsyn to Support Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery

On May 16, Apple announced, “Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery in Partnership with Libsyn” fully launching later this year. This partnership will provide easier submission of new shows (and premium content) to Apple Podcasts from the Libsyn platform. Libsyn is thrilled to be among the podcast hosts partnering with Apple Podcasts to expedite the podcast distribution process.

“Building on our mission to be an integrated ‘Podcast as a Service’ engine for diverse creators, we’re continuing to modernize our platform by providing access to the latest features that simplify podcast distribution,” said Libsyn President and Chief Product Officer, John W. Gibbons. “We are excited to collaborate with Apple, the pioneering platform of the podcast industry, to launch Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery, further expanding our automation capabilities for Libsyn’s 75,000 podcasters.”


What is Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery?

Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery means podcasters will be able to skip a large portion of the current process for getting a new podcast listed on Apple Podcasts. Most notably, an Apple ID will no longer be required and the steps will be significantly streamlined.

You can simply submit your show to Apple Podcasts from the Libsyn platform. No more complicated instructions! Easy, fast, done.

Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery will additionally include opportunities for direct publishing from Libsyn of both free and premium content offerings to Apple Podcasts.

As we continue to collaborate with Apple, we are excited to reduce the complexity of starting or adding a show for all Libsyn creators at no additional cost, and look forward to sharing more about Delegated Delivery, slated for full release in 2022!


I already have a podcast. Do I need to do anything?

If you already have your show on Apple Podcasts, this does not affect you. If you are planning to launch a new show, know that Delegated Delivery will be fully available later in 2022. In the meantime, the current process remains.


Who is Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery for?

It will primarily benefit anyone starting a new show, whether you are a current or new podcaster, and will also allow you to submit premium content and free content in one step.

It is not live now, but will be rolling out later in the year. For now, the current submission process is still recommended.

When fully rolled out, Delegated Delivery will affect:
• Someone who is submitting a new show to the Apple Podcasts directory, with or without an Apple ID.
• Someone who is offering premium bonus content to an Apple Podcasts subscription.

Want to stay informed?

Interested in knowing when Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery will go live? Head over here and fill out this quick form!  You do not need to be a Libsyn customer to receive updates on Delegated Delivery.

Curious about what this update means to the podcasting industry as a whole and want to tap into the nuances of Delegated Delivery? Make sure to subscribe to our podcast, The Feed. We’re e sharing more information and some extra special insight in the latest episode. Do not miss it!


What you need to know:

• Existing podcasters need not do a thing!
• Starting a new show later in 2022 or beyond? Your workflow will be better!
• If you are currently using or plan to set up an Apple Podcasts subscription for your show, your workflow will also become easier.
• More information will be coming up. Keep an eye on our social feeds for updates!
• Libsyn will make Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery available to all customers at no additional cost.
Remember, if you want to know when it goes live, head over here and fill out this quick form to be notified.

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