Product Release Libsyn 5 Beta 1.0

Today is the day 🎊 Libsyn 5 is here.

The day for what? Check out below for some high level answers to your possible questions!

What is it?

The first beta release for Libsyn 5 is a culmination of feedback, testing, and development across several alpha iterations all leading to the beta release!

This release includes all major functionality from publishing to stats to submitting to new destinations, managing billing, and more. This release is technically a beta which means there may be a bug lurking here or there, and we are continuing to regularly bring previously loved and newly requested features to the system as we go along.

Who is it for?

Anyone hosting their show at Libsyn on our $5 – $150 plan levels.

Also, anyone new to podcasting looking for a home to host their show!

Haven’t signed up yet? Sign up for Libsyn today!

What’s New?

🔆 Show Level Configurations

The team has added a slew of show level settings including support for all billing functions, recurring feed syncs, and feed imports.

🔗 Quick Links Widget

The Quick Links Widget makes it’s return, this time in Libsyn 5! This widget gives you the most important URLs for your show in an easy copy format right on your dashboard.

▶️ Player Default Settings and the Show Player Embed Code

Yes! The player default settings (color, size, enabling and disabling certain menu items, etc) have made it to Libsyn 5.

You also now have access to the embed code for the show player, playlist player, and category player!

🗣 Account Settings

Change your email, change your password, change your name. Account settings are now available.

🤗 Customer Support Portal

The customer support portal is found under Support in the Account menu. This portal allows you to view your support ticket history with our team. You can also create new tickets from here (it also is where our knowledge base lives).

Onboarding and Tool Tips

New to Libsyn? New to Libsyn 5? Our new onboarding tool will help show you the most important parts of the system.

We’re also adding tooltips to help explain some of the more nuanced fields. 😉

Bugs Squashed 🐞🪲🐛

  • Destination statuses for episodes now appear in user’s account set time zone rather than GMT
  • The daily breakdown in the daily/weekly/monthly chart now shows the total for that day per episode, rather than all time counts
  • Canceling from the Branding page use to produce a Soapy shrugging 404 page. It doesn’t anymore.
  • We’ve changed “Subscribe” to “Follow” in the HTML5 Player
  • Fixed a few display anomalies with geographic breakdowns
  • RSS feed destination status was broken. It’s fixed.
  • Fixed a display issue with the storage quota widget.
  • Fixed a display issue with the Directory checkbox in Podcast Settings.
  • Improved boarders and display for mobile devices
  • Improved handling of invalid file types on upload
  • Removed rounded corners from the HTML5 Player (and some other design tweaks)
  • Player share buttons no longer share the embed code, they share the permalink instead
  • Other backend, design, and functional tweaks

I’m new to the Libsyn 5 Beta. What else will I find?

Here is a list of the features currently available in Libsyn 5, on top of everything noted above.

  • Episode Publishing
    • Supports audio, video, and PDF
    • Supports all metadata fields
    • Supports basic and advanced scheduling
    • Supports draft and published modes
    • Includes an episode summary page with release status, player embeds, previews, and other useful details
    • Filterable Episode Listing
  • Show, Episode, and Media level stats
    • Includes most major breakdowns
    • Individual breakdown exports
    • Date Selector
    • NEW to L5! 7/30/90 day breakdowns
  • Storage Quota Widget & File Manager
  • Podcast Settings
  • RSS feed based destination configurations and submissions
  • Social Settings
  • Web Based Destination Settings
  • Legacy Podcast Page Configuration (for those with the older solution)
  • NEW to Libsyn 5! Custom Website
  • URL Prepend support
  • Feed & Website Redirects
  • NEW to Libsyn 5! Branding
  • NEW to Libsyn 5! Resource Center

I need help, where do I go?

You can use the resource center to submit an inquiry to our support team. You can also email [email protected].

I have an idea, would you like to hear it?

YES!!!! We want to hear your thoughts, big, small, new feature requests, loves, hates, all of it. Send your feedback either to our support team, or directly to our product team here:

[email protected]

I keep hearing about the beta community, how do I sign up?

You are welcome to join the Libsyn Beta Community. The community is the first to hear about tests coming out of the Libsyn product teams, including new features or products that may interest podcasters.

It’s also a pretty cool place to chat with other podcasters!

Sign up at

Lastly, you can check out a little more about Libsyn 5 here. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

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