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Q & A with Maddy from A Minnesota Trans-Atheist

When did you start podcasting?

My first podcast was recorded in October 2013

Why did you start podcasting?

I’ve wanted to podcast since 2007, when I first discovered the format, syncing my Zune player every night to pick up the latest episodes.

It was only in the last year however, that I began to realize what kind of content I felt I had enough passion for, and knowledge of, to feel I could put out a quality product.

What’s your show about?

It’s a topical podcast covering issues relating to the transgender, atheist, and scientific skeptic communities, with the occasional rant against bigotry and prejudice tossed in when necessary.

I’ve been privileged with the opportunity to interview transgender authors, constitutional lawyers, public health officials, advocates of science based medicine, and groups providing services for the transgender community here in Minnesota and abroad.

My favorite part of the show however, is when I have the chance to showcase musical artists from the transgender community, closing out a show with provided podsafe music.

What’s your podcasting set-up?  Hardware, Software, CMS, etc.

I have a couple different set-ups depending on whether I am recording with multiple people in one location, or if it is a call.

When recording multiple guests in person I use a Mackie ProFx8 mixer.  My primary mic, that’s always my mic, is my ATR 2100.

I give the guests either my AKG or my Cobald Co9 both are low priced dynamic Cardioid mics that seem to deliver quality speaking vocals.

If my guests are off site, I usually call them using Skype, and record using a third party API called Evaer.

I am unable to use a mix minus, as there is something wrong with the mic input on my laptop, and am unable to afford a new one at this time, however the ATR 2100 plugs directly into the PC….so use what you got!

My last guest, an author who also podcasts and is a gamer, turned me onto TeamSpeak, a platform used by gamers to talk to each other across platforms.

Absolutely loved it, but unfortunately don’t see that I’ll be able to use it much with most guests as it requires software downloads, and logging into servers.

I used Adobe Audition to edit, perhaps not the cheapest option, however it is a wonderful program that was very simple to learn how to use.

Whenever my set up allows, I also back up my recording on a Tascam DR–07mkII Portable Digital Audio Recorder.

I now run every episode through Auphonic, which really does wonders for live recordings where you’re surrounded by hard surfaces that just reflect all the sounds of the room, and your guest can’t decide how close or far away she wants to be to the microphone 🙂

Auphonic gives you 2 hours of audio production free every month, and an hour long show takes minutes for their automated system to make a show sound really nice.  Big thanks to Ray Ortega  & The Podcasters Studio podcast for the tip.

I type my shownotes up in Word, then use the cloud to send them to my tablet, which I use throughout the show.  Almost everything I speak is scripted, and I send a copy including all the notes to myself, questions for the guest, etc.

How have you promoted your podcast?

While I have a Tumblr and Facebook page, my primary promotion tool is a combination of Twitter and promotion from guests. A Minnesota Trans-Atheist currently has a free stand-alone podcast app!

I’m now officially part of family out of San Francisco, with 5-10 minute clips of the podcast played on KBBF 89.1 FM weekly.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

How long editing out “ums”, “you knows”, lip smacking, and mouth breathing sounds would take.

On the other hand, if I had known how long post production would take in relation to the time spent in generating the content, it may have deterred me from starting.

Are you transgender? Interested in the community? Then do not delay and subscribe to A Minnesota Trans-Atheist Podcast!!

Also, if you are transgender and want to start a podcast we would love to host your media!

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